Un / Reusable Snapping Paperless Paper Towels

Reusable Paperless Towels for kitchen and home use. Reduce paper waste for more sustainable, eco friendly, un paper living. Snapping paperless set option, snaps all 8 towels together and rolls up to use on a paper towel holder. This set is in the Bee Variety prints. There are 2 of each 4 different prints in this set. The first is a white floral bee hive print, yellow/gold honeycomb print, grey and white floral, and a peach bee wreaths print. The backing is made with gray terry cloth cotton. Snapping sets have sunset yellow snaps. Perfect accent to your kitchen decor. Sustainable, Eco Friendly, Cleaning, Paper Alternative, Cotton, Cloth, Hand Towel, Dish Towel, Dish Cloth, Kitchen Towels.

Paperless Towels are a very stylish alternative to paper towels and are more eco friendly as well! They can be used for anything you would use a paper towel for. When they are dirty, just throw them in the washer and dryer. They are also safe in the microwave, so you can use them to cover dishes while cooking. Snapping Paperless towels come with 8 individual towels with each towel having 3 sets of snaps that allow you to snap all 8 towels together. You can then roll them up and slide them over your paper towel holder, or snap them onto our roll insert(sold separately). If you don't have a towel holder, don’t worry they are a sturdy enough to just stand by themselves on the counter!

Towels Per Set: 8
Fabric Name: BEE GARDEN (2 of each print)
Terry Cloth Color: GRAY
Snap Color For Snapping Set: SUNSET YELLOW
Printed Top Fabric Type: CLASSIC COTTON
Colored Back Fabric Type: TERRY CLOTH
Snapping Paperless Towel Size: 11"x10"

If you want more than is available, please send me a message!

Wash in cold water and dry on warm. Do no wash towels while snapped together. Do not leave towels wet for the first few uses to limit colors running. They have been prewashed to help prevent this but may still occur if the towels are left wet. Dry immediately after washing.